Something new!

We've just launched a new part-time course called Web Development 101!

It's three days per week and starts April 3, 2017.

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Omaha Code School

Become a Web Developer Novice to Hirable in 16 Intense Weeks

Build a job-ready skill set

800+ hours of hyper-relevant training. Not just how to code, but how to work well.

Develop a portfolio

2-4 impressive projects - both individual and in collaboration with other students.

Meet the industry

Field trips, guest speakers, exclusive job fair & drop-ins from community leaders.

Omaha Code School is special.

>90% Placement Rate / 15% Promotion Rate

Sumeet's Summer 2014 students.

The Fall 2017 class will be our eighth in Omaha. Our graduates are already becoming leaders in the industry and work at some of the most exciting companies in Omaha and beyond.

You'll build lasting products.

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In addition to class projects, our students will build real, live products for sharing with the world. We teach industry-standard methodologies to prepare our students to hit the ground running in their future jobs.

It takes more than coding know-how to teach this kind of course. We've spent years fine-tuning our curriculum, improving our instructional techniques, and learning what Omaha's employers value. We're proud to offer the best educational experience around.

The Program

We turn beginners into hireable web developers in 16 weeks. That means you learn much, much more than "how to code". You'll learn how to think like a software engineer. And you will build real products using modern technologies that you often teach yourself as you go, like you would in the workplace. Sumeet Jain, Lead Instructor

You will learn all of the following and much, much more.

  • Relational Databases

    Build web software designed to collect, display, and modify user-provided data.

  • Services Architecture

    Organize large codebases into discrete services with independent view layers using REST APIs and Angular JS.

  • HTML5 & CSS

    Master semantic markup and efficient style to build elegant interfaces for any device.

  • JavaScript Fundamentals

    Learn the behavioral layer to add dynamism and personality to your applications.

  • Test Driven Development

    Understand and practice this respected methodology for creating robust and maintainable code.

  • Agile Development

    Become an adaptable and compassionate developer who can iterate quickly.

  • Git and Version Control

    Manage your code versions and collaborate with other programmers (and non-programmers!).

  • Cutting-Edge Technologies

    Ruby on Rails, jQuery, CoffeeScript, SASS, HAML, Jekyll, WordPress, and other forms of magic.

  • Pair-Programming

    Develop the ability to communicate and interpret complex ideas clearly and develop an eye for detail.

  • Design

    It's not just coding. Our graduates are the best front-end developers around. We're serious about design.

  • Soft Skills

    Become an effective, independent, and kind web developer. Learn presentation and interview skills.

  • Career Preparation

    Build an impressive portfolio and résumé. Practice real programming interview questions. Meet employers and other leaders in the Silicon Prairie.

Program Overview

Phase 1
Weeks 1-4
At Home

Learn the fundamentals of programming using our detailed self-study curriculum. You'll watch videos, read tutorials, and practice basic exercises that we've prepared.

Phase 2
Weeks 5-8
In Class

The first in-class phase of the course is a rigorous survey of software development. You'll learn the tools of the trade, practice good techniques, and build at least one real comprehensive application you can show off to your friends and family.

Phase 3
Weeks 9-16
In Class

The final phase of class is almost entirely practical. You will build 2-3 professional projects, diving deep into the craft of software development.

You will also frequently learn from guest speakers and mentors, who will share insights about coding, design, and the industry in general. By the end of the program, you will have a solid foundation for web development and a growing appreciation for the non-technical parts of the business as well.

Leading Up To &
After Graduation

In the weeks leading up to and following graduation, you will interview with employers. In addition to the impressive coding skills your portfolio will demonstrate, we will have prepared you for technical interviews, advised you in crafting a winning résumé, and helped you make valuable connections in the community.

We guide you through your job search and stick with you until you've found the next step in building your new career.

A Typical Day

1. Gather 'round!

Get some coffee or your beverage of choice from the kitchen and settle into your seat. Chat with other students about random things, waiting for the day to begin.

2. Live Coding

We will start the day's project together, coding on the projector. Shout out questions and explore variations - it's highly interactive.

3. Work

Hack individually or pair-program on projects. Get help from the instructors when you get stuck.

4. Lunch

Sometimes we provide lunch and a guest speaker.

5. Learn & Code

Just like in the morning, we will introduce new concepts and help you work through challenging projects that reinforce understanding.

6. Evening

The school stays open! No two evenings are alike. Whether it's a meetup, mock interviews, guest lecture, hackathon, or party - something interesting will be happening. Class officially ends at 5pm, but many students attend local events or work into the night.


Tuition - $9,900

Financial Assistance is available!

We're committed to finding ways for anyone to attend our course. Please reach out to us with questions--we really will do everything we can to help.

June 19, 2017 - Oct 13, 2017

All-day, every weekday.

The work and pace are intense. But you'll enjoy the work more than ever, and we have lots of sponsored events and other fun to keep it fresh.


We're located in the beautiful 13th Street corridor - next to the Donut Stop.

1258 S. 13th Street
Omaha, NE 68108

Who We Are

  • Sumeet Jain Co-Founder, Lead Instructor

    Sumeet Jain
  • Rahul Gupta Co-Founder

    Rahul Gupta
  • Alexandra Millatmal Co-Instructor

    Alexandra Millatmal

Omaha Code School is proud to be supported by the Greater Omaha Chamber.

Here are just a few of the companies where our students have found work after graduation:

  • Racenote
  • Agape_red
  • Blugiant
  • Es
  • Mutual
  • Lemonly
  • Lumosity
  • Bwb
  • Volano
  • Autodesk
  • Ng
  • Flywheel


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