Omaha Code School

Web Development 101 A new part-time program
from Omaha Code School

Basics and beyond

Learn both front-end and back-end development, starting on the path towards becoming a complete, hireable web developer.

Part-time, just 3 hours

Scheduled for working professionals and students, you'll be able to keep your day job while gaining new skills.

We'd like to share more than just the foundations with you. Join this unique program to learn to build complete websites, including both the front-end and back-end.

This is the best way to see how you'll like this creative field. Although the course is designed for absolute beginners, we're covering more than just the basics. We'll show you how to code well and properly set you up to continue learning on your own or at an internship.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • Design Fundamentals

    Understand the patterns of web design to build usable and scalable layouts.

  • Application Wireframing

    Learn to break down an idea into discrete "stories", represented methodically in a wireframes document.

  • Building Design Systems

    Beyond just HTML and CSS, learn how to structure your code using a system-oriented architecture.

  • Building Interactions

    Use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to manipulate the DOM, resulting in quick, dynamic websites.

  • Fundamentals of Programming

    Code using variables, loops, and arrays--organized into reusable functions--to enhance your websites.

  • Server-Side Development

    Write server-side code, allowing you to build richer functionality like email delivery and data storage.

  • Deploying to Production

    Learn to publish your work for the world to see, and configure DNS settings to use custom domains.


Tuition - $6,000

Financial Assistance is available!

We're committed to finding ways for anyone to attend our course. Please reach out to us with questions--we really will do everything we can to help.

Apr 3 - June 8, 2017

Mornings on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday

Class meets from 9:00am-12:00pm. We'll provide clear lectures and workshops in class and give you specific direction for at-home work between class days.

In-Person Instruction

Class will be held in downtown or midtown. Stay tuned for the address.