Something new!

We've just launched a new part-time course called Web Development 101!

It's three days per week and starts April 3, 2017.

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Omaha Code School

Become a Web Developer Novice to Hirable in 16 Intense Weeks

No Experience Needed

The course is geared towards beginners. You'll be amazed how much you can learn in an immersive environment.

Total Tuition: $9,900

We prepare you for the job search, and we stick with you until you're hired. Financial Assistance is available.

We're confident taking this course will be one of best decisions you'll ever make. From your admission to graduation to finding a job, we will be your constant ally. Remember, no prior experience whatsoever is required. The only thing we ask for is your firm committment to working dedicatedly.

Application Process

Here's how applying to Omaha Code School works:

  1. Submit the brief questionnaire below.
  2. We'll email you some exercises and any relevant resources needed to prepare for them.
  3. After reviewing the resources and preparing, submit your responses to the exercises.
  4. We meet in person or via online video chat for an interview.

The deadline to submit your application (including exercises) is May 25, 2017.
All applicants will be notified of their admission result by June 2, 2017.

For admitted students, Phase 1 (which is done on your own schedule, at-home) begins June 19, 2017.
Phase 2 (in-class instruction) begins July 17, 2017 and ends October 13, 2017.

This part of the application should take less than an hour to complete. We respect your time and appreciate your interest in our program.

Basic Info
A rose by any other name... But we still need yours.
Please provide your email address.
Please provide your location.
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Background and Purpose

What education have you started and/or completed? What kind of work do you currently do (or have most recently done)?

Please indicate your current or most recent job information.

Include a description of the ways that you use technology/software in your life. What are websites/services/tools that make your life better?

Please list any prior experience you have - or indicate you don't have any (which is fine).

We appreciate thoughtful and full replies to this question. Please tell us a bit about why you're applying, but also share why you're the kind of person who can persevere in an immersive, rigorous course. What drives you? How do you stay organized and productive?

We'd like some idea of your motivation for applying and goals.

Click below to submit your application. We will send you instructions for the exercises to complete in the next few days.