Omaha Code School

100% August 7, 2014 — By Rahul Gupta and Sumeet Jain

As of two weeks ago, 100% of our Spring 2014 graduates have found jobs. Graduates are working in Omaha, Sioux Falls, New York, and San Francisco – for companies like Ervin & Smith, Lemonly, SHoP Architects, and Autodesk. We’re proud of our students for working tenaciously to find jobs at which they fit, and we’re thrilled at how quickly they reached a positive outcome.

While we’re pleased with our first class’s success, we’re being careful to avoid complacency. For the new class, which is now in its second week, we are doubling down on instructional quality. We aim to deepen our understanding of how to educate software developers before broadening our school’s reach. Our continuing goal is simply to provide the best available education.

We recently announced hiring Andrew Ek to help us improve our curriculum and pedagogy. Andrew is an experienced, skilled, and respected educator and competent programmer. We have already felt the positive impact of his ongoing feedback, efforts in developing course resources, teaching assistance, and process improvements. After the current class graduates, Andrew will also be administering a private instructional bootcamp for Sumeet to become a better teacher.

As we gain more experience in teaching and operating this school, we are continually refining our curriculum. We are also improving our school’s administration. Our Director of Operations - Beth Haubert - has refined our processes surrounding student admission, enrollment, support, and tracking. Her work has paid an immediate dividend: We are now officially authorized to operate by the Nebraska Commissioner of Education. This authorization provides increased protection to our students and will help potential students use funding sources like the GI Bill to pay for our class.

Since launching this school, we have been presented with various opportunities for partnership and growth. While we’re excited to expand our school’s reach eventually, our focus remains on educational quality. We’re teaching this class’s students more than we covered in our previous class. We’re doing it with improved processes and a steadfast commitment to educational integrity.