Omaha Code School

Omaha Code School: Highlander April 28, 2015 — By Rahul Gupta

We are excited to be partnering with 75 North to launch Omaha Code School: Highlander – North Omaha's first intensive coding camp for high schoolers.

Omaha Code School: Highlander - in partnership with 75 North During this program, students from North Omaha's high schools will learn web development skills, meet business and technology leaders, and experience our city's vibrant arts community.

We recognize that for all the merits of our intensive, full-time approach to education, the downside is that fewer people can access our programs. Thanks to support from generous donors, this camp is free -- and enrolled students will receive a computer to work from (and keep), meals during the day, and an attendance-based stipend to offset the opportunity cost of not being able to work a summer part-time job.

The goal of Omaha Code School: Highlander is to prepare students to more actively engage with technology and be better suited to learn additional skills on their own in years to come. We envision our students becoming the go-to tech people in their circle of friends at whatever college or university they decide to attend. Our hope is to foster their enthusiasm for technology and show them that there is an active and welcoming industry in their backyard.

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