Omaha Code School

Mentorship and Social Good Feb 28, 2014 — By Rahul Gupta and Sumeet Jain

Mentors are an integral part of Omaha Code School. They help support the students in their learning, and provide a window into our tech communities.

Currently, mentors interact with our students in two ways:

  1. Online - in our 'Help' room in HipChat
  2. In Person - working side-by-side with our students

We're grateful for the support that mentors provide. As a thank you, and a way to increase the impact of their efforts, we're initiating a new program:

  1. For every on-site hour a mentor spends helping our students, we'll split a $10 donation to Hello World Foundation in support of the CoderDojo movement, and The Ada Initiative, which supports women in open technology and culture.
  2. We will match every $10 donation above with another $10 which we will reserve for minority scholarships for the next Omaha Code School session.
  3. Our current plan is to cap this at $6,000, or 300 hours of mentorship hours for our students.

How Mentorship (and Guest Lectures) Work

For the online channel, we provide our mentors access to the 'Help' chatroom. Our students post questions there, and anyone can answer.

For in-person help, mentorship hours are Monday through Friday from 4pm to 8pm. Mentors are welcome to drop in during those hours for any amount of time. Our students will be working in pairs or groups and may ask for assistance from mentors who are present.

If no one needs help, mentors can hang out until someone does need help. That time is still counted towards the mentor's social good earnings.

If you want to become a mentor, send an email to and tell us a bit about yourself.

Guest Lectures

If you would like to give a lecture or run a session for our class, we invite you to submit an idea here:

We welcome all sorts of talks - both technical and non-technical. We've already had some submissions for talks relating to job interview preparation, collaborating with designers, problem solving, and more.