Omaha Code School

Omaha Emerging Developers August 8, 2016 — By Alexandra Millatmal

Last month, we held our third Omaha Emerging Developers event at Omaha Code School.

The Meetup group is the braindchild of conversations between a few OCS graduates, in which almost all of us confessed we hadn't yet stepped up to give a technical talk at various conferences and events we'd attended. We wanted to take some of the pressure out of that first talk for new programmers, and also host a series of presentations that felt approachable for junior devs to engage with and critique.

At the last meetup, Andrew Strovers (Web Developer at RaceNote and OCS graduate) presented on intermediate Git functionality and writing your own Git webhooks. Amy Wall (Junior Consultant at Agape Red and OCS graduate) delivered a talk on interfacing with Slack's API in Ruby. Both presentations spurred robust question-and-answer sessions from the crowd -- even some senior developers in attendance stepped up to help clarify core concepts. The result was a nice back-and-forth between group members and demonstration about the mentorship senior developers can provide to those who are new to the community.

In another showing of our city's supportive tech scene, last month's meetup was our first co-sponsored event! Agape Red and RaceNote brought in refreshments for the some 25 folks who attended. Among them, it was wonderful to see so many first-time attendees, many of whom are not part of Omaha's code-school community -- self-taught devs, interns, recruiters, and other young professionals.

Over the next few months, we hope to welcome and hear from even more folks outside of our cohorts. We plan to market more aggressively outside of our alumni network, work with group members on developing topics for talks, and offer a wider range of events that will help emerging developers solidify their skills.

We love feedback and participation. Let us know if there are events and resources for new devs that you think should exist in Omaha -- send an email to and we'll work with you to make them happen.

The next Omaha Emerging Developers meetup is next Tuesday, August 16 at 5:30pm at Omaha Code School. We hope you'll attend!