Omaha Code School

Scholarships Feb 20, 2014 — By Sumeet Jain

We are delighted to announce the granting of $14,500 in scholarships for our inaugural class's students.

  • To support women in technology, our friends at GitHub award $2,500 to each of our female students.
  • Every student is receiving an equal share of the $6,000 Supporting Employers Scholarship.
  • Every student is receiving an equal share of a $1,000 scholarship from Big Wheel Brigade.

Our Supporting Employers play a huge role in the success of our class. They are the first channel for our students to find jobs and are our allies in building and keeping this talent in the Silicon Prairie. To Flywheel, Swanson Russell, Lyconic, Lemonly, and Big Wheel Brigade, thank you so much for being a part of our growth and for supporting our students.

But wait, there's more! GitHub has also pledged an additional $10,500 in scholarships for women attending the next class of Omaha Code School (dates to be announced).

We are so grateful to GitHub for their incredible generosity. Their contribution in support of women in technology goes above and beyond. Please join us in thanking them with a tweet - like this one.

Class begins on Monday. We can't wait to get started!