Omaha Code School

Financial Assistance

Students seeking help affording our program's tuition have some new options, which we're very excited to discuss. Read on for a simple overview of the options and specific next steps if you're interested in receiving financial assistance.

If you...

  • will have been unemployed for 6+ months by the program start date OR
  • were laid off during the economic recession period of December 2007 - June 2009 and haven't been able to reconnect with your previous employment level OR
  • have a sporadic work history during the economic recession period of December 2007 - June 2009

Then you probably qualify for...

100% tuition and equipment expenses


The State of Nebraska runs a program for the unemployed or underemployed. They want to be your ally in helping you get training to kickstart your career.

If you are admitted into our program, we will connect you with the State employee who manages the program so you are quickly moved through their application process. They are very supportive of our school and expedite our students' correspondence.

If you...

  • were laid off from employment OR
  • have a significant barrier to employment OR
  • are a military spouse who quit their job due to a change of station OR
  • are identified as low income (meaning you meet the following income guidelines)
    • Family Size: 1, Income Max: $11,670
    • Family Size: 2, Income Max: $15,730
    • Family Size: 3, Income Max: $20,821
    • Family Size: 4, Income Max: $25,704
    • Family Size: 5, Income Max: $30,332
    • Family Size: 6, Income Max: $35,479
    • For families larger than six, add $5,147 per each additional person

Then you might qualify for...

Up to $4,000 towards tuition and equipment expenses


The folks at Heartland Workforce Solutions and Goodwill Industries have federal funding to distribute specifically for programs like ours. They're excited to meet you.

Your first step will probably be attending an orientation at their office in Omaha. Click here for a flyer from them with more information.

You can also visit WorkOpps for information, or call Holly with Goodwill Industries at 402-934-2231 or 402-934-2241.

Regardless of whether you seek financial assistance or not, the most important thing for you to do is apply for Omaha Code School now. All of the financial assistance options above are fast. There is no chance you'll miss out on them, even if you wait until the end of April (when you find out if you're admitted or not) to begin the financial assistance process.

As always, you can reach out to us with any questions by emailing We're here to help!