Omaha Code School

Student Work

Our class is heavily project-focused. We teach our students the fundamentals, proper technique, and common strategies. Beyond that, most of the learning occurs during independent work. Students conceive of ideas for projects, and then they design and build them.

Here is a showcase of some of our students' live work.

  • Omawho


    Rails JavaScript CSS

    The students redesigned and rebuilt Omawho - a gallery of Omaha's creative faces. The project is also open sourced, so others can (and have!) launch a similar service for their community. GitHub »

  • SMAC Angels


    Rails JavaScript CSS

    Jen - the founder of Sock Monkeys Against Cancer (SMAC) - asked us to help her build a site that matches people affected by cancer with kindhearted folks who want to gift a sock monkey. So our students built the SMAC Angels program. GitHub »

  • Watch Us Build


    Rails S3 ImageMagick CSS Instagram

    Connect with Instagram to make an animated GIF of your process. That's a 'buildbook' - get started! GitHub »

  • Lydia Butterfly


    JavaScript Rails CSS SVG

    Can you beat the clock? Try to make each section of Lydia Butterfly's wings a different color from adjacent sections. GitHub »

  • Unfound Sounds


    Rails JavaScript CSS MailChimp

    Every week, Michael hides a few music albums (vinyl!) at local businesses. Then he reviews those records on his website and gives hints about where the vinyl is hidden. If you like the review, hunt for the album. Care to play? GitHub »

  • The Full MT


    Audio SVG Javascript CSS

    Michael made this fun audio player to introduce himself to companies he wants to work for.

  • A2 Kidz


    Rails JavaScript Printing

    Andy's church needed a better event check-in system. He built A2 Kidz, which encapsulates all of the functionality they need - and even prints name badges for attendees. GitHub »

  • Baseball Team Management App


    Rails JavaScript CSS

    If you play baseball, tell your coach to manage the team using BTMA. Track players, games, and stats - all from a snappy, AJAXified interface. GitHub »

  • GameZelp


    Nokogiri JavaScript Rails

    A one-stop search engine for video game guides. Search for a game once, and GameZelp returns results from all the major video game guide websites. GitHub »

  • Find Your Photog


    Rails 500px CSS

    For his first ever application, Yofred built a showcase of photographers. He even integrated it with the 500px API. GitHub »