Omaha Code School

We're Hiring a Teaching Assistant (or Two)

We're looking for someone to help our adult students learn the fundamentals of web development, troubleshoot their projects, and review their code. 12-week engagement, demanding job but flexible schedule. Great opportunity for junior developers seeking experience and/or exposure, or for senior developers seeking a local sabbatical.

The Job

  • Assist faculty members with classroom instruction and reviewing student projects
  • Prepare projects and presentations for lectures
  • Meet with students during office hours
  • Help teachers and organizers develop course plans
  • Tutor students
  • Lead discussions
  • Create and write example materials to guide students
  • Correspond with students on GitHub and HipChat
  • Available Monday-Friday - occasionally a few hours on weekend.

The Skills Needed

We're looking for someone with basic (or greater) web development skills. The technologies you focus on don't have to be the same as our course's focus, and you don't have to be an expert. But you should be a generalist - some back-end, some front-end.


  • Git and GitHub (or BitBucket)
  • Web scripting experience (e.g. Ruby, PHP, etc.)
  • Experience using some database - e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Front-end development experience (HTML, CSS, JS, wrangling browsers)
  • Some experience deploying applications (whether via FTP, Heroku-type service, or other)


  • Prior teaching experience
  • Fluency in data structures, algorithms, and/or performance techniques

The Perks

  • Meet and mentor with aspiring creators from across the country
  • Field trips, guest speakers, exclusive meet and greets with community leaders
  • Bagels
  • Participation in Fun™ - e.g. yoga, karaoke, nights out, etc.


Send a brief email to Tell us why you're interested and share a link to your portfolio and/or GitHub profile.